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We enjoy working in a collaborative role with Fulcrum and our involvement covers everything from website design, proposition development and signage through to corporate values development, digital acquisition and data strategy.

Brand Strategy

To retain a market leading edge within the highly competitive multi-utility sector, standing up as forward thinkers with advanced skills, knowledge and expertise. A thought leader. To achieve recognition as the UK’s most trusted utility services partner, the first choice. Number one in class.

Creative approach

To give Fulcrum a real sense of identity and life, we created the Fulcrum streamlines. These flowing energy lines invigorate Fulcrum’s photography, creating a distinctive brand platform on which to deliver the Fulcrum promise through varied mediums; to be the UK’s most trusted utility services partner.

Responsive website design and build

We created a fresh and engaging website to build Fulcrum’s reputation as the UK’s market-leading utility services partner and increase lead generation across a range of sector audiences. The Fulcrum streamlines were utilised throughout the site to give life to information and images.

Responsive Website

Internal comms – Fulcrum Spirit

For Fulcrum, communication with its employees and investors is key to their success. Through various internal comms projects we have helped Fulcrum to inform, reward and challenge employees. These projects have created a strong sense of identity within Fulcrum, and have helped to increase their sales and overall share price.

Fulcrum Spirit

Reaching fulcrum’s audience through PPC and animated Display ads

As Fulcrum has expanded, reaching potential new clients has been key to their success. dR created a range of PPC and Google Network display ads to drive new leads for Fulcrum on both small and large scale utilities projects.

PPC and Display Ads

We're good with data

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