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dR won the initial brand creation task back in 2005 and remain an integral partner today. Throughout the 13 years of our relationship, dR have developed and honed Lowell Group’s brand representation, communicating their extraordinary and progressive message to all stakeholders – from investors to staff, clients and customers, through to the industry at large.

Brand Strategy

As a result of consultation and research with Lowell, we developed a highly effective brand framework which supports their brand strategy and overall mission; ‘To make credit work better for all’. For Lowell, this brand framework sets in stone their Intent, Strength, Values, Vision, Domain and Mission as a consistent story throughout the business and helps to shape messages and content for all audiences (businesses, investors, consumers, colleagues).

Creative Approach

Evolve the corporate brand through creative direction, brand storytelling and engaging animation. Become brand custodians, providing direction and guardianship to maintain a consistent look and feel across all Lowell Group businesses Europe-wide.

Corporate Website

As part of our wider role as Lowell brand guardians, we played a vital role in shaping their new corporate website. We developed clear, consistent brand messaging which pays back to ‘The Lowell Way’ brand story. Shaping their personality through photography was also a key way to tell the Lowell brand story, using images of society, real people, ethical business and colleagues.

Animations for key stakeholders

Throughout their process of mergers and aquisitions across Europe, Lowell needed to communicate a variety of often complex messages to key stakeholders (colleagues, investors, media etc.). Our expertise in animation and motion graphics proves a useful tool for Lowell to create engaging and impactful films to talk about their history, brand values, ‘The Lowell Way’ brand story and engendering company-wide cultural change.

Consumer Digital Brand Guidelines

For Lowell’s consumer-facing brand, Lowell Financial, the corporate brand was evolved and re-positioned – through updated colour palette, photography and messaging. Retaining consistency and parity with the corporate brand would ensure brand integrity across the Lowell group and for different stakeholder audiences. To maintain consistency group-wide, a brand guidelines document was created for all digital output.

Thirteen years on and were still working with lowell

We’ve been by Lowell’s side since 2005 helping them grow the brand from a medium sized UK business to a pan-European leader. The Lowell story is one of success and our work has supported them through mergers, acquisitions, head office relocations and product innovations.

The History of Lowell

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