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For this highly successful credit management services company dR won the initial brand creation task back in 2005 and remain an integral partner today. Throughout the 13 years of our relationship, dR have developed and honed Lowell Group’s brand representation, communicating their extraordinary and progressive message to all stakeholders – from investors to staff, clients and customers, through to the industry at large – producing award winning brand creation and internal communications.

Brand Strategy

Based upon an initial extensive market and competitor review we identified ‘space’ for Lowell Group’s value proposition. By ranking the features and benefits of competitors, we found wants and needs in the market that were not satisfied by the competitors’ offers. The exercise confirmed the key ROI value proposition, supported by approach to debtors (consumers) plus technology, analytics and insight.

Creative approach

The Land of Lowell is our vehicle; the Land of Lowell is a fantastic, mysterious and magical place, where better people, better practices and better systems come together to produce better results.

Responsive Website

Press ads

A series of ads were developed, each representing a different brand muscle attribute. The core Lowell positioning/brand message is always featured in every ad; a better way forward. The copy is wedded to the quirkiness and confidence of the brand, reflecting the key brand muscle messages on their own or together.

Responsive Website

Internal communication of brand values

Responsive Website
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