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The Objective

To design a website that would communicate a new brand message relevant to all audiences, while also simplifying the navigation to allow the user to get to the content that is relevant to them quicker and more efficiently.


Higher Education Academy




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HEA Website

The new design taking on board a full rebranding, featuring a refreshed visual identity, new logo, brand style guide, and voice & tone that would help HEA appeal to Institutions, Individuals, students/learners and agencies.

The Approach

Initially we undertook a full website audit, working through traffic data to understand the key areas of the website users were visiting and the key journey they were undertaking. We then exploited a number of tools available to dR, to heat map engagement levels, completed validation checks on content and conducted research into the content structure of the site to understand where visitors were getting lost.

HEA Website Workflow

This allowed for dR to then work through a new website structure plan, complete user experience specifications and begin the design of the new website and navigation.

HEA Website

The Results

increased page views
decrease in bounce rate
ahead of lead enquiries forecast

Since launching the new website primary pages and menu navigation, we have already started to see the benefits of our work. With a large decrease in bounce rate and increase in page views, showing that we are helping to engage with the HEA visitors and helping steer them through to the content that they want. We have also seen a large increase in response to leads generated across the services section of the website, which are ahead of the annual forecast for the year.


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