HEA Logo

The Objective

To create a suite of brand awareness advertisements to appear in specialist press to launch HEA’s new identity and communicate the new value proposition.


Higher Education Academy




Advertising Brand strategy Marketing strategy Design for print Print production Sub-branding Product branding/advertising Press advertising

The Strategy

To hero the striking brand identity and create stand-out and prominence within specialist press, adopting a strong and confident brand positioning and feature the primary corporate colour which would become synonomous with HEA and bold headlines that would act to change the sector's perception of the HEA.

HEA Press Ads

Advertising Institutional Services

Creating a distinct look and feel for advertising products/services for institutions (rather than individuals) helped to differentiate between HEA’s offering across its wide-ranging audience.

HEA Press Ads

Giving Faculties an Identity

Distinct logo variations for the varying faculties within institutions (Arts & Humanities, STEM, Social Sciences, Health & Social Care) shows the audience that HEA can offer tailored services that can support the needs of every part of Higher Education.

HEA Press Ads

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