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The Objective

To give life to HEA’s suite of frameworks for enhancing student success. These frameworks form part of HEA’s Consultancy services proposition for higher education institutions throughout the UK.


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Creative Approach

Creating the feeling of a ‘product’ was key to the success of frameWORKS. The institution would be buying into a service that would help them to enhance student success within their institution. Creating an interesting, vibrant and thoughtful suite of tools to help HEA representatives sell this service was key to its success.

HEA Frameworks

Through an engaging and exciting printed presenter pack, HEA’s representatives could talk each institution through the features and benefits of their services. Through foldout inserts, each pack could be tailored to suit the needs of each institution and the services relevant to them.

HEA Frameworks

A bespoke section of the website was developed (with enhanced functionality) to give HEA Consultancy the feeling of its own microsite. This allowed us to reinforce the proposition of HEA’s Consultancy services as a whole, provide the user with a clear sense of where they were, and to provide constant calls to action for driving lead generation.

HEA Frameworks Website
HEA Frameworks Website

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