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The Objective

Create a new look and feel website which clearly communicates the wide ranging benefits of the Fitrite Direct service - innovative UPVc decking - and the values of the brand as a whole, whilst driving leads to increase sales.


Fitrite Direct


Manufacturing, Home Improvement


Digital Marketing strategy Audience activation Website design Website development PPC

The strategy

The main goal was to create as many customer leads as possible. Making it as easy as possible for the user to understand what the product is, relate to it through aspirational photography and why it is better than a wood decking alternative was key. Alongside this communication, the user would constantly be presented with a way to progress and move forward to providing details or booking a consultation with a salesperson.

Sparking inspiration

As well as describing the features of the product, it was important for the audience to be able to imagine themselves using the product in their own space.

Fitrite Website - Inspiration page
Fitrite Evolution Board
Fitrite Standards

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