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The Objective

To create an aspirational brochure for Fitrite Direct to complement the look and feel of their new brand and website. Inspiring as well as informative, the objective of the brochure was to reinforce the value proposition of Fitrite decking being a better alternative to wood and assist the sales conversion process.


Fitrite Direct


Manufacturing, Home Improvement


Design Digital design Design for print Brochure design

Fitrite Brochure

The strategy

The brochure would serve as a way to communicate the key benefits of the product, including its lifetime value versus wood, safety features, end-to-end service, and much more. Alongside this the reader would be inspired by beautiful photography that would reassure them of the quality of the product, whilst also allowing them to picture themselves using the product in their own garden space.

Selling a lifestyle

We weren’t simply selling decking, we were promising a lifestyle made possible with an amazing outdoor space that was safe to use all year round. Whether for enjoying breakfast in the morning sun or hosting a BBQ with their friends and family, selling the dream space was a key goal for the brochure.


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