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We identified an uninformed segement of the Fulcrum audience that had one-off, small-scale projects such as retailers and restaurants. Disengaging with the Fulcrum corproate brand, there was a need for a sub-brand to communicate with this segment more effectively.

Brand Strategy

First Gas would need to be a no-nonsense, quick reference point for potential customers to request a quote or receive more information.

First Gas Style
First Gas Illustrations

Creative approach

A bold, clean style creates a tone that is accessible and straightforward as to allow users to quickly find what they need. The First Gas character provides a friendly face and adds personality.

First Gas Logo
First Gas Responsive Website
How we reinforced the


Fulcrum Utility Services needed a brand with a clear distinction from other utility companies within the sector, and also a differentiation from its main offering to big businesses and major projects. Creating a highly approachable brand with a friendly face (quite literally) would break down barriers for smaller, independent customers requiring the same utility services. The First Gas and First Electric brands achieve this friendly and accessible approach through vibrant, expressive and welcoming hero characters.

P3 Insights

First Electricity sister website

First Electricity Website

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