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From bearings to seals, gearboxes to motors, BSL Brammer is the UK’s leading distributor of Industrial MRO products. dR created and implement a new brand value proposition to differentiate and provide the basis for developing customer value by creating engagement and relationship building across a wide range of audience segments including end users, specifiers, influencers and buyers.

Brand Strategy

By creating clear brand differentiation from its competitors BSL Brammer’s new brand value proposition provided the foundation for dR to develop and execute major brand and strategic work to help in the vital evolution of the company by introducing tactical communication programmes dedicated to achieving long-term sales growth by creating engagement and relationship building sales conversion campaigns across the different audience segments. Programmes included customer lead generation and acquisition, loyalty and reward schemes, reactivation of lapsed and dormant customers and incentive programmes to uplift low spending accounts.

BSL Cashback Leaflet

Creative Approach

Establishing BSL Brammer as the one stop shop and the only supplier that can supply ‘Everything you want, just ask’, a strong visual identity was created featuring photography of real people to provide personality and re-enforce the quality of service because of high level of product knowledge and expertise, including understanding product application and the customer’s needs.

Focus 2
Focus 1

Monthly product promotion catalogue

BSL Cashback Leaflet

Finance scheme business file direct mail.

BSL direct mail file 1
BSL direct mail file 2
BSL direct mail file 3

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